Win A Year’s Free Classes + Cash Prize In Our 15 Week Challenge

Am I Reading That Right?

You sure are. You can win a fantastic Year’s Unlimited Membership at Cura Fitness along with a cash prize just in time for Christmas.

Lots of people have been asking for more details on our Cura Fitness 15 Week Challenge so here is all of the info you’ll need to get involved.

What is the Cura Fitness 15 Week Challenge?

One of the biggest hurdles we all find in our fitness and body transformation journey is keeping good habits. Clean eating. Regular exercise. Limiting the junk food and alcohol “cheat days” that turn into four day weekends.

Good intentions are great. Sticking to them is HARD.

What we find works best is to have other people to lean on when when we are struggling. Accountability and knowing other people are working to better their lives in the same way is the best helping hand you can get.

So we are offering 15 weeks of that and a brilliant prize for the challenger with the biggest inch loss at the end of it.

Measurements, body analysis, food diary monitoring and encouragement to stick to your plan are what will get you the results at the end of the 15 weeks. But having the prize to aim for as well is just the icing on the (Christmas) cake.

When Is It Running From and To?

Starts: Monday 2nd September 2019
Finishes: Friday 13th December 2019

Group consultation night: Thursday 29th August, 2019 at 7:45pm for measurements, photos and body analysis.

We will start punctually at this time to discuss; then there is the option to stay on for nutritional chat.

What Do I Have To Do To Enter?

Members MUST attend a minimum of 3 pulse-raising classes per week (Legs Bums & Tums, and Core Conditioning do not count as part of the 3). There are 17 classes to choose from per week early mornings, after school run and nights to suit all. In the event of illness or injury, please contact Liz as a duty of care.

Boot Camp MUST be able to attend all 3 Boot Camp classes per week – either 6:30am or 7:45pm. If you cannot attend your usual Boot Camp time, message Liz at 07718628176 to ensure there is space to swap. Please do not assume we can fit you in to our regular timetabled classes. We cannot guarantee space.

Everyone will be expected to fill in a food diary every week, and return to Liz every Monday. No exceptions.

Below are the dates and times for either quick Body Analysis/ Measurements. Please check these dates suit before you sign up, as these are the only suitable times and dates, unless you are also personal training with Liz.

Dates for Weigh-In and Measurements (6:15AM OR 7:30PM)

Mon 16th September: BODY ANALYSIS
Friday 11th October: BODY ANALYSIS
Friday 8th November: BODY ANALYSIS

How Much Will It Cost?

Members – £60 total direct debit will come out of your account on the 1st of the month, starting in September until December. If you are on a loyalty membership from 2018, we will adjust your membership for you during this challenge.

Boot Camp (or those solely wishing just to complete the 15 week challenge) –

1) £20 deposit now to secure your place
2) £60 payable by end of August
3) £60 payable by end September
4) £60 payable by end October
5) £60 payable by end November

What Can I Win?

The big prize is a fantastic One Year Unlimited Membership at Cura Fitness worth £720, along with £80 cash prize. Winner will be decided based on biggest inch loss over the 15 week challenge. In the event of a tie, we will go to Body Analysis and judge on weight loss, then fat loss, then class attendance.

Please ensure you are 100% committed before agreeing to this Challenge. If you cancel mid-way, any monies paid are non-refundable.

How Do I Apply?

Drop us a message now to register your interest and book in time for a consultation chat with Liz. Good luck!

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