15 Week Challenge

How good do you want to feel this Christmas?

What is the 15 Week Challenge?

There is an old adage in the fitness world that you can't out-train a bad diet. And goodness knows the past year or more in lockdown has proven it to many of us.

Training hard, be it in small group sessions, bootcamps, online or with a personal trainer, is the best way to get ourselves fitter, healthier and stronger.

But to truly get into the physical shape we want, we need the expert guidance of a qualified nutrionist and the accountability to make sure we stick to their guidance.

This is what you get from the Cura Fitness 15 Week Challenge.

What do you get?

  • Measured + weighed on a set date every 2 weeks.
  • Nutritional guidance from up to date evidence based Nutritionist (pending Nov 21)
  • Added WhatsApp group support with recipes + guidance.
  • Free access to our workout group for additional workouts (worth hundreds £s).
  • Weekly food diary review.
But most of all it's the added self-confidence and self-esteem that you can get from making tough changes to your lifestyle and getting the results you want at the end. git status

What can you win?

Prizes will be judged based on most inches off, second criteria is weight loss.

The top three winners will get:
  1. £100 Cura Credit
  2. £50 Cura Credit
  3. £25 Cura Credit
Plus a Cura goody bag. Credit can be used for anything at Cura Fitness, from Group PT to one-on-one Personal Training sessions.

When does the next Challenge begin?

Begins: Check back in Spring 2023 for more news.

We will hold a Group meeting before the Challenge begins to complete initial weigh-in and measurements on Wednesday 25th August at 7pm.

This point is very important.

Food diaries are non negotiable. You will be given a book and this MUST be filled in weekly, then brought in every Monday for Liz to review. You must be willing to take feedback and make the changes recommended.

Some feedback from our previous Challenge winners.

"I have really enjoyed taking part in this challenge. From the outset Liz provided us all with a wealth of information on eating well, providing a comprehensive booklet including tips on what we should and shouldn’t eat."

"I managed to achieve amazing results whilst still enjoying normal activities. What I’m taking from it is that it is a lifestyle change, one that I can maintain long term and not just a fad diet."

How do I sign up for 15 Week Challenge?

Interested in signing up?

The 15 Week Challenge is not for the faint hearted. It's a major commitment in terms of time, dedication and willpower so be realistic with yourself before committing to it.

Cost is £50, payable on application acceptance and is non-refundable.