Member Terms and Conditions

  1. This agreement commences once you have indicated your acceptance in the Declaration section of the sign-up process.
  2. Membership will begin and be charged for on a recurring monthly basis on the 1st of the following month via Direct Debit from your bank account. For the remaining period of the month in question until then, you can pay a pro rata membership fee in cash as agreed with Cura Fitness. Please do note, however, that the terms in the Money Back Guarantee section of these terms may then apply in that situation.
  3. If payment is not received on the 1st of each month a late payment fee of 5% will be immediately incurred.
    • If there is a problem with your direct debit, we will inform you and will re-present the direct debit to your bank within 7 days, with the incurred 5% fee.
    • In the event of full payment not being received after a further 7 days, (14 days after 1st of month) your membership account will be terminated.
    • Any unpaid fees will be referred to the small claims court.
    • If late payment fees have been incurred three times within a twelve month period, then the late payment fees will be increased to 10%.
    • The only exceptions to the above policy are when special arrangements have been agreed with management.
    • If Cura Fitness Ltd have to approach members for payment on more than two consecutive months then we will terminate your membership account.
  4. This agreement will become binding on you and us when we contact you to confirm your membership application has been accepted, at which point a contract will come into existence between you and us.
  5. You will be entitled to all the rights and privileges exercisable for the Type of Membership chosen.
  6. You cannot transfer this agreement to anyone else.
  7. Members must be 16 or older.
  8. You agree to comply with the membership rules which are provided to members and triallists and relate to class times, use of facilities and your conduct. We may make reasonable changes to these Rules at any time provided that we give you advance notice of the change.
  9. If we take no action or let you off any breach of this agreement or give you extra time to pay or comply, it will not stop us enforcing the terms of this agreement strictly at a future date.
  10. We may assign the benefit of this agreement and our rights thereunder to a third party on notice to you. Your rights under this agreement will not be prejudiced.
  11. There may be occasions where we have to cancel or postpone classes at short notice. We will do our best to let you know of such changes in advance of them taking place, unless the problem is urgent or an emergency. You will not be entitled to a refund of part of, or all of, your membership fees in such circumstances.
  12. We will not be liable or responsible for any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any of our obligations under these terms that is caused by any event that is outside of our reasonable control.
  13. As a consumer, you have legal rights in relation to any services that are not carried out with reasonable skill and care, or if the materials we use are faulty or not as described. Advice about your legal rights is available from your local Citizens’ Advice Bureau or Trading Standards office. Nothing in these terms will affect these legal rights.
  14. We may terminate this agreement with immediate effect on notifying you if you are in breach of the Rules.
  15. To the best of your knowledge and belief you are in good health and not knowingly incapable of engaging in either active or passive exercise and that such exercise would not be detrimental to your health, safety, comfort, well being or physical condition. Further, that you will advise us immediately should your circumstances change.
  16. We will not be liable to you for any loss, damage or theft of any property you bring onto our premises.


As per the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 you are entitled to cancel your membership and receive a full refund of any fees paid within 14 days of completing your membership application form. However, as per regulation 36 of Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013, if you select to commence your membership immediately, or you ask us to start your membership early, you agree that if you subsequently cancel your membership within the 14 day period, you will be refunded any monies paid, less an amount for the membership you have already used. As an example of how this works, if your membership fee is £60 per month and you cancel your membership after 10 days of it commencing (having asked us to start it immediately) we shall refund you £40, keeping £20, which represents the membership you had used up to the point of cancellation.


  1. You may terminate your membership at any point by cancelling your direct debit with your bank, allowing 3 to 4 working days for the bank to action this. Please notify Cura Fitness for options available to you or for any further information.
  2. In the above circumstances your membership will remain in force until the day before your next payment is due, at which point it will automatically terminate.


From time to time we may need to increase the price of membership. We will give you at least 1 full months’ notice of any incoming price increase and will make it very clear when the price increase will take effect and how much your membership will cost after the increase. During this period you will have your usual right to terminate your membership in accordance with the membership terms and conditions and rules. If you do not terminate the membership by the date given to you in the notice then the price of your membership will be increased in accordance with our notice.


  1. Membership cannot be shared and is valid only for the person who signed the contract. Any attempts to circumvent this rule will result in membership being cancelled without refund.
  2. If you are unsure as to how to use any piece of equipment or undertake any of the exercises used in our classes, you must seek advice from the qualified trainer before exercising.
  3. For safety reasons, correct attire must be worn when exercising i.e. suitable comfortable exercise clothing and appropriate footwear. Clothing such as jeans, boots, flip-flops/sandals or work wear are not permitted. Football tops are also not deemed appropriate in class. Any member not wearing suitable attire may be asked to leave class.
  4. You may not attend class whilst under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, tranquilizers or any medication or other substance which may affect your ability to exercise safely. Cura Fitness reserves the right to remove you from the premises if it reasonably believes you are unfit to use the facilities.
  5. As a courtesy to other members, a small gym towel should be brought to class to wipe down equipment after use.
  6. Please do not take photographs/videos on the premises or post remarks to the internet that may identify another member.
  7. You must not behave in an aggressive, abusive, anti-social or threatening manner to any staff or member, any one doing so will have their membership terminated immediately and Cura Fitness reserves the right to contact the Police if deemed necessary.
  8. Members are solely responsible for their own belongings whilst attending class. Cura Fitness accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage to personal property.
  9. Changing facilities are not available at Cura Fitness’s studio.
  10. Members must inform Cura Fitness of any change of contact and email address or telephone numbers.
  11. By attending class members are deemed to have read and understood the terms and conditions of membership.
  12. Should your Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire result in you being required to discuss your intention to exercise with your doctor, please be aware that your subscription remains active and any fees collected are non-refundable.
  13. Smoking, including e-cigarettes are strictly prohibited in all areas of the studio. Any member found to be breach of this rule may have their membership terminated.
  14. Members may not bring any pets (other than official aid dogs) to class.
  15. Members must arrive promptly for class start times, late arrival may result in being refused entry to the class.
  16. If you can’t make a class, please cancel it online. You may lose your booking rights if you forget to cancel more than once.
  17. For health and safety purposes, no children under the age of 18 nor any adults who are not currently members of Cura Fitness are allowed on the premises at any time without written permission from the directors of Cura Fitness Ltd.