First Login

Welcome to Cura Fitness! As a new registered member you will have received an email with your username but before you can log in you will need to reset your password.

Follow the steps below to firstly reset your password:

1. You will have received an email to the account you registered with us titled “[Cura Fitness] Your username and password info”.

2. The email will contain your username (which is the same as your registered email) plus a link which starts and then has a lot of letters and numbers. Click this link in your welcome email.

3. You will be taken to the following password reset screen:

4. Click in the box under “New Password” and delete the characters in there.

5. Type a new password that you can remember, preferably making it at least 12 characters long and using a combination of letters, numbers and symbols to make it really secure.

6. When you are happy with your password choice, click the “Reset Password” button.

7. You should get a message saying “Your password has been reset”.

8. Click on the “Log in” link.

9. Enter your username (registered email address) and newly reset password into the boxes and click “Log In”.

10. Congratulations, you have just reset your password and are now logged in to Cura Fitness.



How to book a class

How to manage or cancel your bookings